Friday, 30 July 2010

Happiness Wreath

Hey ... I have made my first happiness wreath. These are simple to make, a bit time consuming, but so worthwhile. I am practising for Xmas ... that is right ... Xmas!!! ... when red ones will be the order of the day!!  This wreath took about 150 strips of fabric varying in size from one to three inches in width and six to ten inches in length and also an old wire coat hanger. I cut each piece of fabric with pinking shears and tied them simply to the wire coat hanger, which had been bent into a (rather awkward) circle. See the pics and follow... Took about two hours in total and got rid of quite a lot of my spare stash fabric. Next time will try it with paper flowers if I can find an appropriate tutorial. What do you think?

Strip Of Fabric Sewn To Cover The Hook 2 x 6 inches
Hook Covered With Sheath
First Ties In Place
About Fifty Ties In Place

Almost Complete
Finished Wreath

Original Coat Hanger

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