Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wonky Little Houses

Little House Swap

I have worked at these little houses for a week or two now - sadly by hand as the house has been in such a mess I have been unable to get at my sewing machine - except for one house. I am not good at sewing by hand and have found the detail fiddly. I now have a row of wonky little houses and am busy working on the last with the sewing machine (yippee) and hoping that that will be the successful one. Meanwhile look at some detail of my efforts so far - they are all to become pin cushions so will not be wasted!

Please do not worry Teresa (my swap partner) all will be well in the end - I do promise you!

I so love these little felt birds - shame about the front of the house - and the roof agghh!

I have discovered that it is easier to concentrate on the front and use a heavy linen and to only do the back in a light cotton - this way it is easier to put together and can be sewn easily in a straight line. I do wish someone had pointed this out to me sooner - the pattern did not explain how difficult it is to sew two lots of bias binding into seams with two lots of linen and two lots of cotton fabric on the roof!  So look out for a lovely front and a simple back (but with very pretty fabric!) I shall call this street 'Rotten Row'.

Today missed my knitting circle and sadly did not get to complete my last little house today as have spent all day at the hospital with my son - 'The Devil Child' - who has got pluerisy and has been having breathing difficulties. He is now home safely in bed so back to my last (and best) little house, which must be posted by Thursday!


  1. I love these little houses, you have done a great job. And I hope your son is soon well

  2. I love all the bits of houses, but my favourite bit is the feather stitch with beads (or is it called open herring bone or something). Hope your son is on the mend.

  3. Fab job on the wee hice, but sorry your Devil Child's got the nasty ick, I totally feel for him right now!

  4. Oh the houses are so cute - I love the one which the 3 flowers on the back that looks like a eerie face!
    Hope the DC gets well soon xxx

  5. Oh, these houses are so cute! My favorite is the sixth one from the bottom. Sorry to hear your son is sick. I hope he gets well soon. xx

  6. Gorgeous little houses. What time and patience has been expended. I particularly love the little birds and flowers.


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