Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Knitting Group

Simple Knitting

As you will have all seen by now I am not much of a knitter so I was pleased to hear that John Lewis in Kingston upon Thames held a weekly knitting circle for all levels of expertise. I should really like to be more proficient so I went along armed with the simplest pattern and the most interesting wool. The pattern is for a mans hat, which I think would suit Mr Whizz Kid very well when cleaning the cars (and the ****** motorbike)! The Sirdar Crofter wool is mostly in shades of cream and buff with a little dark pink to enhance his feminine side!

The ladies there were charming and most helpful and along with a nice cup of tea and some interesting chat I managed to cast on and knit a few rows. Note the camera - I don't go anywhere without it!

A lovely lady from Sirdar Rowan came along with all the new season's wools and colours and the most eye catching pattern books.  This book, in particular was enchanting ...

Order it here
Stunning child and wonderful patterns
See the yarn

Back to reality to my own knitting and the hat ... this was to be for Valentines Day but I already realise this might well be Valentines Day 2013!

A big 'Thank You' to Judith for introducing me to the group of around twenty - thirty ladies - all making a variety of items ...

This chunky knit really sparkled

This child's jumper from "odds and ends"

I should love to have taken more photos of some of the beautiful works but felt this was all a bit too nosey for my first visit. I must also add that many ladies were wearing their own knitted creations.

Click to show "Wool Yarn" result 4
Yummy colours


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  2. looks good :))) thinking about doing some crochet !!

  3. I believe there is a knit and natter group in our town, but I've always been nervous about my knitting ability.

  4. how great to have found a new group ...and one that you enjoyed xx

  5. Oh Polly .... my knitting ability is zilch. I have already made a big mistake in the hat and can never do anything fussy. Do join. The company is great and it is inspiring to find women with such talent that they can share. xx

  6. What great fun; I'll add knitting to my 'to learn' list x

  7. I never mastered knitting, but I go to a knit and natter group in Windsor, and take a quilt that needs the binding attaching instead!


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