Thursday, 16 February 2012

Messy Houses

Still Living In Chaos!

The house is still chaotic with all of the downstairs being painted and carpeted. Do not EVER think of decorating and carpeting the whole house all at the same time. It is, and has been since Christmas, a TOTAL NIGHTMARE! Apparently all the bedrooms, halls, stairs, landings, sitting room and dining room will be finished within ten days and then a short break before they return to do the kitchen, breakfast room, conservatory, utility and studio and cloakroom - and once again more chaos. Arghhh ... whose idea was this anyway?  Oh yes ... it was mine!

Yesterday among the chaos the grandchildren came to visit. It was very difficult but fun anyway. This is what we all did ...

The cat freaked out
The kids played in the garden
Mr Whizz Kid entertained them

They told us what they thought of us
They ate everything in the house
They were totally unimpressed with our dance moves
The computer kept them busy
Then they went home



  1. love the dance moves in particular

  2. Sounds fun (especially for the parents, if they popped out and left you to it!)! x

  3. This is funny, just like our place when the grandchildren visit. Our cat also freaks!

  4. sounds like a wonderfu time to me xx

  5. I'm looking forward to being a grandma, the "then they went home " bit has advantages over parenting!!!


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