Sunday, 7 February 2016

Japanese Trip

A Geisha Welcome
As part of my recuperation I have recently taken a trip to Japan. A few mysterious days there, (I say mysterious as it was totally weird), were a real experience (never to be repeated). Here are a few photos to whet the appetite.

View From Hotel in Tokyo
The Twenty Second Floor
(With a glass outdoor elevator!)
A Temple In Kyoto

Welcome To The Royakan
We travelled around Tokyo taking in all the tourist sights and staying in high rise hotels, took the bullet train to Kyoto and then stayed in a royakan, which is a typical Japanese home/hotel complete with wooden baths, paper walls and futons. It was just a little westernised, but not totally to my taste. The food and green tea in particular were fairly odd, all looking very attractive but tasting unusual. There were beautiful geishas everywhere.
In the exclusive Japanese Royokan in Kyoto we sat at the Chef's Table for a Speciality Meal. It all looked so very beautiful but was a complete mystery to us all ... nine courses and not a thing I recognised!

I should love to say that I really enjoyed the holiday - but I would be lying. I loved the fact that all the Japanese are so very polite, that the country is totally clean, that the food is fresh, but truly hated the high rise life style, the fresh but totally unrecognizable food, the noise and bustle and the weird and wonderful ways I encountered. I was also rubbish with chopsticks and truly hated green tea and sake. I also really missed a good old fashioned English cup of tea!

The Chef - Japan's Answer To Jamie Oliver

Breakfast - The Only Meal I Ever Really Enjoyed

Japan Here I Come Again - Maybe Not!



  1. I did a similar trip to Japan a few years ago and absolutely loved it! I didn't find in nearly as alien as I thought I would, perhaps because I have Japanese friends and students. The food was fine, much better than the food I had in America!

    It's a place I would return to if it were not such a long journey to get there and I am not a person who likes to travel or enjoys foreign countries!

    I went to the Tokyo Quilt Show and stayed in the Tokyo Dome and we were on the 22nd floor too!


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