Friday, 19 February 2016

Beginning Weaving

Today is the big day! After a trip to John Lewis I was able to buy supplies and came home elated and ready to begin weaving proper. The choice of materials took me over an hour - there were so many, and in the end I had to seek the help of an assistant to make sense of all the wools. Having this amazing store on my doorstep is either a blessing or a hindrance, (depending upon my bank balance), and I came away happy with a selection of Rowan Felted Tweed wools. I took a paint chart along with me to try and get as near the colour I wished to buy - the idea worked very well.

I drew a plan on my graph paper - and then immediately junked it realising that it was far too complicated. The very first few rows did not look at all like the graph and had been extremely difficult to do ... from now on it is free styling all the way! (These are the pale pink rows, which I am leaving in situ ... a reminder that I am just a beginner!)

A pattern it is not!

I am extremely happy with my muted colour choices and just bought a few balls to be sure I really liked the colour scheme.

I then decided to incorporate some sari silks to give a little texture and interest to the otherwise flat design. I bought this in New Zealand but understand it is widely available in the UK. I was dying to find a use for it!

I am not sure how this will work overall but I love this touch of colour and texture. The weave looks very loose but I understand this will correct itself when the finished article is washed and blocked.

I have fallen in love with the following music so have it playing loudly in the background while I have a cup of coffee and plan my day ... do you like it?

(Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss - from Raising Sand)

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  1. SO worth all the hassle threading it up! It's looking fab. I've got as far as creating a weaving board on Pinterest!!!!!!


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