Saturday, 27 February 2016

Weaving Progress

I did not realize just how time consuming a craft could be - and also just how much space it takes up. This new loom is on the breakfast table in the conservatory - a space we used daily with a good view of the garden while having breakfast. Not any more. It is totally taken up with a loom, wools, sari silks, scissors and all the other necessary bits to do with weaving. I have  promised to move all this to my sewing room just as soon as I have finished this first project - heaven knows when that will be.

I actually have not progressed too much due to 'life' getting in the way but have managed a few more inches. I have introduced irregular lines and blocks of sari silks to aid the texture and overall colour of the small rug. I am not sure that they are appropriate but too late!

Hopefully tomorrow I can continue and make some progress.

Meanwhile - back to the rugby!


  1. It's looking good. Love the addition of sari silks.

  2. I agree - the sari colours and texture look great! I look forward to seeing the rug progress. Apologies if I sent a half done comment - not used to using blogger on my phone...

  3. Wow - a quick finish! It looks great!!!


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