Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Sewing Machine Works

Have You Ever Wondered How?

All is revealed.
A sewing machine works

Yesterday I got back to my sewing - something rather boring - and was hemming some curtains for my son. It has been such a long time since I used the machine that I had actually forgotten how to use some of the features and had to look them up. Must try harder .... Meanwhile this easy explanation is useful to know just how things work.


I have had the flu and so sadly my weaving has progressed only a tiny amount. I am awaiting a trip to buy some supplies for my new rug. Meanwhile I have found some beautiful rugs by Beni Ourain, which have enchanted me and enthused me to be a little daring with my design. I have printed some graph paper of the finished size required and now intend to buy the supplies and then colour the chart appropriately and then to try and make an approximate copy. Bit hopeful for a first attempt, I do know, but 'who dares wins'!

I have managed to complete the warping of the loom and threading of the heddle - not sure of the correct terminology - and fastened the second ends to the closest bar. I have now put ten rows of the warping thread through the shed (alternate sheds) and am now ready to begin proper. There are quite huge gaps visible but I understand that this is normal and will correct itself at the very end when the woven rug is washed, blocked and dried.



Still looking for a teacher!


  1. Your weaving looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see progress.

  2. That's looking fab! There are a couple of good sewing machine videos - my favourite was a guy called Tim Hunkin who did a how-things-work series on TV years ago

  3. Xxx

  4. Thanks for positive comments. So anxious to get out and buy some wools - sadly laid up with the flu from hell.


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