Thursday, 4 February 2016

Learning To Weave

Tiny enchanting studio in Founders Park

Beginning Weaving
On a recent holiday in December I visited a wonderful weaving studio, (Twill Hand Weaving Studio), and over a period of two days learned a very little about weaving. The studio was in Founders Park, Nelson, NZ South Island and was an enchanting old fashioned studio full of looms and materials and an excellent weaving teacher.
Full of wonderful materials and samples
Looms of all shapes and sizes
Beautiful hand made samples
Even more looms
Space for a cup of tea
And more looms
Looms as far as the eye can see
And a really large loom with a room all to itself
I found the whole experience really exciting and came away feeling that I needed to learn more about this wonderful craft. My first attempts were to weave a simple sample on a loom already warped and ready for use. This sample can be seen below. I concentrated on colours I love - mainly pinks and blues and each of the squares were in different styles and stitches - a real example of what can be done in a very short time.
Beginning weaving
Feeling the blues
Messy back
In the pink
My first zig zag
As you can see I am a true beginner but so wanting to learn. I found three weaving classes in my neighbourhood and was keen to join one but all three have since been dropped due to lack of interest. Very disappointing. Consequently I have spent many happy hours on You Tube learning the basics and now intend to buy a small loom of my own to continue alone with this wonderful craft. Any help or advice would be gratefully received.
Is there anyone out there, (near London/Surrey borders), who would be willing to teach me?


  1. Looks amazing to me, and all the happier knowing you got out to NZ again.
    Seeing you here has really made my day xxx

  2. Wow - such a lovely welcome. I am loving trawling the sites - something I have not been well enough to do for ages. Thanks for finding me again.

  3. Wow that weaving looks fab - I hope you find a class. I've done some weaving on kids' looms but I'd love to do grown up weaving too


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