Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Homemade Lampshades

Elegant Lamps

I just love these lamp bases - a lovely present from Mr Whizz Kid for my birthday. They are antique French brass and very beautiful and we needed equally beautiful shades to go with them.

I ordered some beautiful fabrics from Laura Gunn, (my favourite fabric designer), from the USA and when it arrived tried to make my very first lampshade ever. With the help of hubby - definitely needs two hands - these were the perfect shades to go into our sitting room. With a little left over fabric I made a small cushion cover to go onto an occasional chair in the room.

These are the finished products of which I am so proud.

Ta Dah!

I used a kit from Needcraft and this lovely fabric - all three by the designer Laura Gunn from the Michael Miller Fabric Collection.

Beaded Stripe
Day Lilies
Wing song
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