Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Borough Market

Foodie Heaven

This is one of my favourite haunts. Do go and see it for yourself.

Lets take a trip to market shall we? 
This is famous Borough Market in
London near London Bridge Tube 

This place is known for its fresh produce

Breads and cakes of all kinds

Everything in perfect condition

Cheeses from around the world

Shellfish of all kinds
(And a fish restaurant here too)

Little bars for food and drinks
This wheatgrass is very popular
(Although I think it a little weird)

Lots of flowers to take home
I like these oriental lilies

This market is for serious foodies and tourists and it is held every day throughout the year except on Sundays. Lots of famous chefs can be seen wandering about here and there are often camera crews too. It is good to go early - 8am - well before the crowds of tourists arrive. Friday and Saturday are the most interesting with traders from all over the country and abroad selling yummy stuff - and this is the only time viable for taking photos. I've really enjoyed a morning here.



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