Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Fairytale Glass

Glorious Glass

 I so love sparkling glassware and am a huge fan of  the original works of   Flamedaisy  in Nelson, NZ.  The studio, gallery and shop are a magical place to visit and I always manage to bring home safely some of their exotic glasswares.

Anthony Genet and Berintha  Binnie-Genet run an amazing glass blowing studio and gallery in Trafalgar Square where they make and display some truly original pieces - beads, funky goblets, and huge sculptural pieces to delight the eye.

"Like any lifelong passionate affair the act of glassblowing can leave the gaffer feeling exhilarated and triumphant or as inadequate as a jilted lover" Anthony Genet.

Anthony Genet master glass craftman

The glass blowing studio

Some works of glass art

Sadly pics do not show the beauty of the pieces

This piece, in particular, was stunning

These goblets were to die for!

Poor pic of perfect work

Tiny frontage to a treasure trove

Irridecent juice glasses

These magical little juice glasses really bowled me over. Each was an individual size and shape with irregular markings and colours. They just sang out to me "Take me home" ... so I did!  I now have six of these little beauties to add to my stock of Flamedaisy treasures at home in London. The glasses cost around NZ$60 each (about UK£30 each) - very reasonable for the time and trouble to make such original works of art.

Aren't they amazing?
And now for another charming fairytale.


  1. It all looks awesome, but the juice glasses would be my favourite too!!

  2. The glasses are gorgeous, I guess some carefull packing will be required! Hope you took an empty bag too.

  3. Hang onto your luggage - I hope the Nelson Tourist Board are paying for your excess baggage!!!

  4. Loved the tour of the glorious glass. Every piece was gorgeous, but the juice glasses are my favorite. The charming fairytale was beautiful. xx

  5. I'm very fond of glass too, and am always fascinated when I get the chance to see it being made. I think I'd have been won over by the wine goblets, but I think your choice is probably more practical, both for using and for your journey home.


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