Monday, 12 November 2012

Another Day Another Potter

New Zealand's Leading Potter
Royce McGlashen

Ceramic Weka Image
Ceramic Weka
Via Royce McGlashen

This area of the South Island NZ is known for its artisan community. The sunshine, sea, beaches and wild countryside provide inspiration and many natural materials are to be found in the surrounding areas. None is more prevelant than the clay soil, which is considered very special for the local potters, of which there are many.

Royce McGlashen is well known as the NZ leading potter, with a wealth of experience and an MBE for his services to New Zealand's pottery services and natural heritage. He specialises in pots that evoke the natural NZ flora and fauna and is especially keen on items that display the beautiful shells to be found locally. He uses a combination of styles with wet shiny and dry slips to imitate the textures found in nature.

On previous visits here I have visited his studio and this was no exception. Royce was away but his wife, Trudi, kindly showed us the studio and the new contemporary works being developed.

   I loved these
                                                                                                       And bought some

Boxed Swirl Bowl & Spoon Image   And these too
                                                                                                       The spoons are cute!

The McGlashen Studio

Where all the goodies are made

Trudi McGlashen in their shop

Colourful tableware

Perfect pots

This sea/sky blue was amazing

It was hard to choose

Pottery and paintings by Royce McGlashen

I do hope you enjoyed this visit to a famous pottery as much as me.


  1. Goodness, your overweight luggage charge is going to be enormous! But well worth it, you'll have some wonderful pieces to bring home with you. I loved your title, it reminded me of holidays in Wales when I was a child, it seemed that it always rained so we were constantly on the lookout for woollen mills or potteries to visit. You're really whetting my appetite for a visit to that area of the world.

  2. I like the birds! Hope you are having a good time. It looks like it.

  3. i am enjoying your trip to New Zealand very much love the pottery that you bought !! enjoy !!

  4. Beautiful, those shell pots are stunning xxx

  5. Another great tour! Are you propping up the NZ economy in handcrafts at the moment? ;o)


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