Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sidney The Seagull

A Kororo
(Maori For Seagull)

Sidney's sibling in Nelson

Today I visited the potters  Ralph and Sally Hetzel  to thank them for the wonderful seagull, Sidney, shipped to me in London last year as a Christmas present for Mr Whizz kid. These wonderful potters specialise in gulls with unique expressions, which can be seen adorning many of the beach side properties in the area. Ours lives in a conservatory in London.

Sidney Seagull at home in London
He was a Christmas present for Mr Whizz Kid from me.
He has a stripey fish in his mouth.

I love his pop-eyes.
Isn't he cute?

These rather large pottery birds, (gulls ARE rather large), are made in a mould and then the beaks, eyes and fish are individually put on by hand, their expressions all unique, and then they are dipped and glazed. Metal legs are then attached and the bird is then ready to fly all over the world.

The Hetzels own a boutique hotel overlooking the sea in a stunning part of the coastline of The South Island,  Nelson, NZ . I assume that from their vantage point they see many real gulls every day. Lucky them! These are a few pics of my visit ...

Spot the gull?
Spot the gull?

The view out to sea from their studio
Spot the gull?

Spot the gull?

All ready to fly
Talented Ralph Hetzel in his studio
What a fun life! 


  1. They are delightful characters! Though not when they nest outside your window.

  2. Hee hee, love these guys! Although if you want regular gull sightings, feel free to come up and sit in my living room on a summer morning at crack of sparrow fart, the little b*ggers are everywhere!

  3. Sydney is so cute! I remember seeing your Sydney in a post about your blogging space. Yes, what a fun life the Hetzels do have!

  4. Where can I get one of these seagulls please?


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