Friday, 16 November 2012

Artisans In Mapua

Wharf  Magic


Mapua Wharf  is a tiny artistic community on the north west coast of NZ on the Waimea Estuary. It really is a magical spot with the look of a tropical paradise island offshore and tiny shops, galleries, and studios along the waters edge. There are also a number of restaurants and cafes lining the wharf area, mostly serving the locally caught fish.

The Mapua Ferry, a small flat bottomed boat, is based here and takes trips to Rabbit Island and around the beautiful coastline of the Tasman Bay. This tiny island, only five miles long, is a popular beach resort, well known for its amazing sand dunes and sandy beaches and bike trails. It can also be reached by way of a road bridge.

Rabbit Island

These are the truly stunning views from Mapua Wharf across to Rabbit Island (Moturua) and The Tasman Bay. The sun is shining and the sky is the bluest blue in beautiful NZ.


This is  The Jellyfish Restaurant and Bar  on the wharf where we had lunch outside in the sun ...

What else but fish and chips and tartare sauce with a green salad washed down with NZ Sauvignon?

A local potter, Stephen Robertson, had some lovely crackle glazed pots in The Cool Change Gallery, a co-operative store of artisans. His work was very distinctive with his bright trademark styling and vibrant colours - mostly greens and blues.

Looking cool?

I like this square red plate and dipping bowl
Via website

Other shops, cafes, bars and artisan workspaces line the quay and here are a few things I liked ...

Isn't he just magical?


  1. Fantastic!
    I could just do some fush and chups!

  2. oooh boohooo, I so wish I could have squeezed into yuor suitcase.....

  3. I enjoyed tagging along, Annabelle. The views and the crafts were just beautiful! Yes, he is magical. :-)

  4. Looks gloriously tropical, and love that dipping bowl and plate, fab colour!


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