Thursday, 15 November 2012

Another Unusual Craft

Embroidery On Paper

Cute idea?
So easy - give it a try!


While in an art gallery today - Red - I came a cross an interesting art form. Paintings and screen prints, which were then machine or hand embroidered before being framed. This type of art was rather new to me, yet when I explored the subject a little further I found a whole new world before my eyes.

Hand embroidery on Sport Sunday

Hand embroidered on New York Times

Hand embroidered on The Arts

These works by the American conceptual artist   Lauren DiCioccio   were amazing, not only for the work put into them but also in their form and movement. I love the way that the end threads become part of the picture. The sportsman really is moving!

The work of   Clare Makwana  was equally as special. Clare is an artist printmaker who also adds to some of her work with machine embroidery. Her work, on display in the Red Gallery, was also unusual. Clare, who works from her home studio, is a printmaker, teacher and mother who also finds the time to create lovely works of art to display in galleries throughout the area and also to sell on Etsy.

Aprons by Clare Makwana
Bad pic of a beautiful embroidered print work taken on a sunny glary day!

This lino cut/print is available from Two Rivers Gallery in The Cheviots for $550 (£275) and is called  'Garlands Of Roses'. (I seem to have a 'rose' theme going this week!) It really is lovely.

'Garlands Of  Roses' by Clare Makwana


  1. I have never seen this embroidery form either. So many talented people out there with so many clever ideas!

  2. Ooh, very cool, love the ones on the newspapers

  3. I can imagine those being frustrating if the paper rips! Great though x

  4. One of my students is embroidering Christmas cards, but these are amazing, I shall show her tomorrow!

  5. I've never seen this or heard of this type of embroidery before. Amazing!


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