Friday, 2 November 2012

Fibre Arts in NZ

The Fibre Spectrum

Today I visited  The Fibre Spectrum,  a co-operative of fibre aritsts from the area. I was amazed at the beautiful works on display and for sale. There was a huge variety of crafts to see, from painting, weaving, knitting, crochet, felting, and so much more. I particularly liked the felting works of Mary Andrews and the patchwork of Karen Brodersby. (Sadly no website). A very simple design, easily machine quilted by Karen caught my eye - do take a look and be inspired.

Patchwork Quilt by Karen Brodersby

Simple quilt with raw edges but so effective

Mary's felting was also very inspiring and she had many articles on display and for sale. She is a local artist who specialises in felting and weaving and also gives tuition at her  Spiral Studio  in town. Do take a look at her website.  I think I may have to give felting another try!

Felt purses

Felting and fibre arts have come a long way in terms of colours and designs and now have a very contemporary feel.   Another interesting craft to pursue!


  1. You are really getting about the NZ crafts!

  2. OH I loved felting when I tried it in the summer, we just need more hours in each day to be able to try apeverything!!!


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