Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Rose Petal Pate

New Zealand Zest
File:Rose petals afloat.jpg
Rose Petals Afloat

Quite by chance when I was out to lunch today I found a recipe, (in The Christchurcg Zest), for 'New Zealand Rose Petal Pate'.  It sounded divine, but sadly I was unable to try it. This is the recipe ...

1 cup rose petals, dry and fragrant
Half cup grated cheese
Half cup cream cheese
Half cup double cream
Pinch salt, pepper and sugar
Grated rind lemon
Grated rind orange
Juice one lemon
Juice one orange
Handful mixed herbs


Blitz all the ingredients together until desired smoothness/thickness
Add/subtract cream to taste

Serve with home-made shortbread.



  1. dont think it is for me ,give me a bunch !!

  2. Sounds interesting, let us know when you've made some :o)

  3. How unusual! I've not had much time to blog or to read blogs the last few weeks, but I read a whole bunch of your posts last night. (I Google Plused them to show that I'd visited!) you really are having an amazing time! Are these all things you are taking yourself off to or are the family running you around?

  4. Maybe, maybe not. I used to put flowers in ice cubes for glamorous drinks.


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