Monday, 19 November 2012

An Art Project

The Forgotten Art Of Letter Writing

Lovely new book

I came across this cute book, published this week,  Snail Mail My Email  by Ivan Cash. He is a writer and artist and former ad-man and bemoans the nostalgic art of letter writing. He offered anyone a chance to have a handwritten letter delivered for free to a person of their choice - all they had to do was email the content to him. He then hand wrote and illustrated a beautiful personal missive on their behalf.

This idea was obviously something that attracted the public attention to the extent that he received over thirteen thousand emails to turn into works of art and had to employ an army of helpers.  He achieved his objective and the best, the funniest, the prettiest and the most inspiring are included in this lovely book.




Very cute

The cutest

I loved the idea and would love to have received a handwritten and artistic personal letter from him.
Link provided personally from Ivan Cash ...

This idea reminded me a little of the lovely book The Jolly Postman by Janet and Allan Arlberg, which I so enjoyed with my children.

One of my favourite kids books


  1. What a fabulous idea, I'd love to get a copy of that book!

  2. i love writing letter, and we still have our much loved copy of the J and A A book!

  3. Lovely books. Both of them. Must take up the art again.

  4. The lost art of letter writing is sad. I'm a die hard though; I still love to send a hand written note or card on occasion (my favorite cards to send are Georgia O'Keeffe Galison Portfolio Notes ... beautiful watercolors). Enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing, Annabelle. :-)



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