Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Favourite Day

Going Home


The best things in life are nearest: Breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you. Then do not grasp at the stars, but do life’s plain, common work as it comes, certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things in life.”~ Robert Louis Stevenson
Going home

What a lovely holiday I have had with my family in sunny Nelson, and now I am so happy to be going home to the rest of my friends and family, and especially to Mr Whizz Kid. I do hope that you have enjoyed coming along with me and seeing some of the delights of Nelson, South Island, NZ.



  1. Have a safe journey. It's been fun seeing what you've been up to in NZ

  2. Glad you are coming home. Seems like you had a wonderful time and I am sure you will miss the sunshine, but London is lovely whatever the weather.

  3. I've enjoyed your trip have a safe journey home.

  4. Have a safe journey - we can tell this trip has done you the world of good my friend xxx

  5. You've had a fantastic time and thanks for taking us all along too.
    "So Owl flew out over the flood, and he soon spotted two tiny objects below him. One was little Piglet caught in the whirlpool... and the other was Pooh trying to get the last bit of honey from the pot."
    Perhaps you will spot us as you fly over the floods!


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