Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Stitches In Time

An expert needlewoman friend of mine sent me these pics by email last week. They were taken from her journal of inspiration but she could not remember where they originally came from. She suggested I use them to perfect a few new easy stitches.

I had recently told her that since seeing my pretty embroidered giveaway cushion I had desperately wanted to try a little more embroidery. Over the years I have made a few simple things but nothing of any note. So this week I have bought myself some silks and threads, some materials and a hoop and  some self threading needles and set about making my first ever sampler. I am using the stitches below as a starting point ...

Love the colours

Pinned Image
These are the simple ones I know already

Thank you so much K for the inspiration xx


  1. Wow - I really want to get back to embroidery - these all look wonderful x

  2. These are lovely. Hope you enjoy using them.

  3. These are pretty, I love samplers

  4. Great samples, the last photo would look fab as a framed image!

  5. Fun pics, enjoy exploring them all :o)

  6. Those are pretty, Annabelle. I've never embroidered but love to see the work of others. :-)


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