Friday, 13 April 2012

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The One About Never Being Good Enough At Anything ...

I was talking to Benta, (virtually talking that is), about the fact of being less than good at many arts and crafts although I try a great deal. She suggested I read Naomi Wolf  'The Tree House' as a book of inspiration and explanation . Benta  suggested that it is good to try even if the finished results were not always perfect ... she felt that Naomi had answered any doubts as to the 'try and you will eventually succeed' question. I googled this book and found it was not to my taste being a bit 'hippy and new age' and generally a bit wish/washy for me.

The Treehouse: Eccentric Wisdom on How to Live, Love and See
Available via Amazon

Rachel Cooke's review in the Guardian pretty much sums up my initial thoughts about this book after reading ten reviews, (though never setting eyes on the book I must confess) ...

Worse, in this upstate idyll, women are once again prizes to be won, like coconuts at a fair. 'Freud asked, "What do women want?"' she writes. 'I think Leonard has it figured out. Women, perhaps, want their marriages not to terminate their status as the prize, but to consecrate it as a continual beginning. To be courted and won and courted anew.' I read this to the man I am soon to marry. 'Oh, shit,' he said. Which pretty much sums it up for me.  Rachel Cooke, Observer, 15.01.06

So ... searching for some inspiration to quell my many doubts as to my abilities I listened to this and was inspired beyond belief  ...

This video inspired me to go and get on with all those tasks I keep putting aside unfinished as they have not lived up to my expectations - so hopefully you will soon see some of my output. I CAN DO IT!!

On another note ... the book Benta suggested, while not being to my taste, is probably a good place to start ... for me I am more of the Pippi Longstocking school ... I love to just go against the tide and be different and do just what suits me, when and if, and sod the rest of the world.

Pippi is my heroine

I love the way she dresses and want to look this weird

I love the fun she has with her friends
I admire her daring
And I like the illustrations by Lauren Child

Most of all I like the sense of disbelief that pervades the book, it is a wonderful make-believe place where anything goes and Pippi can be whatever she chooses to be whenever she wants. What fun to be nine and live in the Villa Villekulla with a horse, a monkey and a big suitcase full of gold coins!

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren,
Illustrated by Lauren Child 
 Available via Amazon for £14.99


  1. Heh, think I may go with Pipi too (sorry Benta!)

  2. Nat just recommended Laura's Handmade Life.... Having Poppy Treffry illustrate the cover sold it to me.... Not read it yet though!

  3. How clever you are to post a video. Love the Pippa Longstocking illustrations.

  4. Well the Guardian reviewer picked up on a bit I guess I skimmed over as I dont even remember that bit! There are whole sections that I have actually crossed through as not-worth-reading-next-time, but the creative encouragement suits me!

    Pippi - now that's a whole different issue! I still have my Pippi books from my childhood, I love them, as do my girls! Did you know that Lisbet Salander (The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo etc) was based on the character Pippi, and what she would be like as an adult - the absolute black and white, right and wrong.

    Nick Vujicic is amazing - such a positive outlook. Have you seen the team Hoyt video - that is another inspirational video that sets me off every time I watcch it

  5. The video is very inspiring. What a great, positive attitude the gentleman in the video has! That Pippi certainly does lead a charmed life. :-)


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