Saturday, 28 April 2012

Heart This

Love these ...

Today is wet, windy, dull and depressing so do take a look at these pretty pictures and cheer up!

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this is the one picture on the whole internets that made me want to learn how to crochet. i never did find the name of the woman pictured, but these are her stunning tapestry crochet mandalas
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  1. How gorgeous. I love the colours. Do you dare to take crochet to the knitting group? I plan to.

  2. Lovelybright colours, and cosy rooms! My first kitchen cupboard is nearly ready to be moved into! Mum agreed with your comment re kitchen v sewing room, LOL x

  3. Lovely - that last crochet blanket is amazing!

  4. I want to live there, fantastic!!!!

  5. Oh, these are uplifting! The second and sixth are my favorites. The second one just has a little magical look about it. Thanks for sharing these, Annabelle! :-)


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