Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Crochet The Cat?

There is an amazing exhibition starting today at  Chatsworth House,  where the artist Shauna Richardson has crocheted The Three Lions Of England. This is part of the Olympic Cultural Year Olympiad and a very unique project it is.

Super poster
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Shauna, a conceptual artist, describes herself as a 'Crochetdermist' as she concentrates predominantly on lifesize models of animals. The work is extraordinary and needs to be seen to be believed.

The three lions are the crest of Richard The Lionheart and the crocheted cats will later be housed in a glass container on the back of a lorry and paraded around the Peak District. All the materials for the project were sourced in the area and there is a definitely 'local' East Midlands theme to the work.

Wool from local sheep

Smaller crochet lion with Shauna Richardson
Shauna Richardson with a lifesize lion
Via newsweek

Amazing stuff
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Model of glass exhibition vehicle

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