Friday, 4 May 2012


Knitting Club News

Well the J. L. class went really well with a huge turnout and there were the usual inspirational projects going on ... but drat it ... the camera was not behaving well and I just could not work out what was wrong with it ... I managed to get some pics of this really gorgeous scarf/stole/wrap, which was made in the softest most delectable green linen and silk yarn. It draped beautifully and I just loved it and it looked spectacular on its's owner who has the shiniest red hair ever!

This is so amazing
The pattern is so intricate and it took hours to make

I so loved this item - and many more besides but after these photo's the camera would not co-operate with me at all! When I got home and sorted out the problem (dratted technology!) I took a little photo of my own work so far, which is feeble by comparison  ...

My virtually complete Rico Loopy Boa

Another square for my granny blanket in 'Arid'

The colour for the next square - 'Grassland'

Remember these wonderful textures and colours?

All these soft yarns are by  Rowan  and are called 'Savannah' - they are 94% cotton and 6% silk and have a super soft texture and are highly washable - just perfect for a baby.

Do you remember the granny blanket?  It has sixteen nine inch squares all in different colours and different stitches (the same range and texture but some with 'bobbles') and should finish up being approximately three foot square, colourful and soft and perfect for the new baby (due this month). So far I have only completed four squares but they were with the most difficult textured stuff and now I am on to the easier yarns and patterns so should sail along a little quicker. I choose this simple stuff for the weekly knitting meetings as anything more intricate seems to go awry while I chatter and do not concentrate sufficiently.

Crochet container

And finally, this pretty crocheted teal blue container was made for me by a friend and is so useful for storing small bits of embroidery wools. It is made in 'Cotton Jeans' by  RYC  a lovely texture for baskets. It is beautifully made in Italy from 100% cotton and has the look of washed denim and has a very special tweedy effect, which is lovely. Thank you G. for this thoughtful present. xx


  1. Your granny squares are coming along well. I am amazed at how productive you are.

  2. Loving your knobbly grannies

  3. You will have to look out for the London Modern Quilt Guild mini exhibition in the JL Bistro soon!

  4. Love the crochet container, Annabelle!

  5. The cable on the green is fab, but I'm loving your squares too!

  6. I love it all BUT fav is the green shawl xx


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