Saturday, 5 May 2012

Wisley Craft Fair

Craft And Design Fair
RHS Wisley Gardens

I so love Wisley Gardens in Surrey at the best of times.  (RHS. Wisley Gardens). The beautiful house and gardens with a superb garden centre, shop and cafe are a lovely place to visit. The flowers are stunning at most times of the year, sadly a little spoiled by the continuous wet weather we have experienced so far this year.

Stunning house

Pretty pond and waterfall

The pagoda

A few spring flowers struggling with the wet conditions

But we were really not here to see the gardens but to visit the Contemporary Craft and Design Fair, which was housed in large marquees erected throughout the gardens. It is organized by Craft In Focus  and runs from 3rd until 7th May 2012.

The exhibitors were many and varied and had come from far and wide. A few were exceptionally interesting and all were wonderful and very unique ...

Yellow Cymbidium

These amazing flowers were made in porcelain by  AshleyLouise. Their floral design stand had some beautiful things - very special floral arrangements for home and weddings in particular.

Pink Cymbidium

John Milner specializes in treefrogs. They were very unusual indeed. He makes frogs from all available materials, pottery and metals being very much in evidence. They were weirdly wonderful.  Their website says it all ...

Green wall hanging large tree frog
Pottery wall hanging treefrog

Mary Mary makes colourful handmade jewellery in Cornwall and her stall was extremely bright. I loved these heart shaped pendants with sparkling jewels.

Pretty pieces from Mary Mary

The Natural Knitwear Company  makes socks. Not just any old socks but colourful cotton mis-matched socks. I so loved them and bought two pairs for Mr Whizz Kid. Last trip I bought some for my son and he says that they wash very well.

The colours chosen were 'Raspberry' and 'Woodland'

I love this whole mis-matched thing. I also have some mis-matched shoes called 'Twins' by Camper Shoes, which make me smile when people do a double-take. Why on earth should socks or shoes match? I like weird!

Excellent knitwear from Lorry Marshall

Some stunning designs

Lorry Marshall makes these beautiful knits in Newcastle using a variety of textiles. Her company is called  The Original Hand-Made Knitting Company  and her knitwear is truly original.

These amazing tables really caught my eye
And this jewellery was most original

These colourful items were all made from glass and resin and the tables were hand-made in wood with glass and resin inserts. The company was called  Giddygecko.

Hand-made hats with knitted flowers by Lavender Heart - loved these!

These hats had gorgeous knitted flowers decorating them (sadly not available seperately) and were made by Lavender Heart who also made lots of other pretty knitted items.

Superb knitwear
And my very favourite crafter  Heidi Rhodes Textiles

Heidi Rhodes is a wonderful young textile artist whom I come across on a regular basis in the South Of England. She makes the most original pictures using a variety of materials. Her work is quirky and colourful and really makes me smile. More of her work can be found here at  Heidi Rhodes Textiles. Do take a look as it is so wonderful. I could not resist the one below and bought it for myself. Isn't it adorable?

And this is one I bought!
'Tea With The Queen'
Heidi Rhodes

Detail of 'Tea With The Queen'
Taken in the sun!

Wonderful original ideas - 'Guards at Buckingham Palace'

My photo's do not do justice to this amazing work

So I had a great day out in the rain with a friend and we finished up having lunch (yes I truly belong to that club of 'the lazy ladies who lunch') at  Carluccio's  in Cobham. It was very good indeed!

Floral Design by Ashley Louise

Do go if at all possible!


  1. thanks for taking us with you xx

  2. Looked like a really lovely day despite the rain!

  3. Even though it was rainy outdoors, it looks like you found sunshine at the craft fair. :-) The pagoda in the garden is just beautiful! Love the John Milner tree frog, the Mary Mary jewelry and your 'Tea With The Queen' purchase. I had to laugh when you mentioned your mismatched 'Twin' shoes, and how you enjoy it when people do a double take. I'd be the same way; I'd enjoy the double takes. lol Thanks for taking us to The Craft Fair with you. xx

  4. Looks like a fab place to visit, those porcelain flowers are stunning!

  5. Oh what yummy yummy items, Im sure alot of smoke come off alot of
    purses and wallets here but why not, you just cant beat hand made special items x, thankyou for showingx

  6. My husband and bank manager than you for taking me on only a virtual shopping trip, not a real one, LOL. I would have needed several pairs of the socks, and I want to look at your shoes too. I spent the morning at B&Q, but we did get sink and taps, although no work surface yet!

  7. Me again, daughter #2 says she loves the socks, but got 15 pairs today in Primark, for the price of ONE sock from the natural sock company

  8. I've just been alerted to your blog and the picture of my hats (Lavender Heart) by a very lovely and talented friend (Angela Jenkinson from Fired Creations (dichroic glass jewellery). Thank you for your kind comments. It was the first time I had made the roses and they were especially for the hats this time. I shall be making some of the roses separately for my autumn fairs following your and other visitors' comments. There is never enough time to do everything when you make each item by hand but I'm always happy to follow my customers' wishes! Alison

  9. Thanks from all at Ashley Louise Floral Design for the mention, Glad you like the flowers
    Want to see more then head over to


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