Sunday, 6 May 2012

Blocks and Squares

A Little Catch Up

A little stash of pretties

Remember the Amy Butler 'Riot Of Colour' quilt? Well it has not been forgotten. Sadly, I have been nursing a sick Brother (sewing machine that is!) It has been labouring in a very noisy fashion, and the stitching has been all over the place and the automatic needle threader refuses to work any more. Mr Whizz Kid has cleaned it and fiddled with it and shouted at it, and shaken it, ... it didn't take any notice at all and I finally realized that it should be in hospital. Meanwhile, (as I had been such a kind nurse), I bought myself a new Janome. Now my love affair with my Brother, (apologies to Sunni for pinching the pun), will definitely not end and I hope to see it back in my home very shortly. I miss it already!  Meanwhile the Janome is trying hard to steal my heart. It is such an easy machine to use and is very, very quiet. So ... back to the Amy Butler quilt blocks.

Stupidly I decided not to iron along the way (never a good decision) and consequently the backs were not perfect! I won't show you these. Each block has eight pieces - six inch squares, which join together in a four formation and make a block of twelve inches square with thirty two pieces -  and it all needs a really good iron! So far I have included twenty different Amy Butler fabrics.

Now did you see the knitting too? This is the seed stitch granny square in the lovely  Rowan  yarn called  'Savannah' for my baby blanket. The colour is called 'Grassland' (no grass around here that colour), which is a gentle teal and very pretty and soft. So now I have managed five of the necessary sixteen squares. This blanket is taking me forever.

So you can see that I haven't been shirking, merely resting due to the circumstances. Hopefully you may see a more productive me in future ...


  1. Sorry to hear about your rebellious Brother, glad you've got a cover for him till he's back to normal again

  2. blocks are looking good... who looks at the back anyway!!!?

  3. Love your fabrics very bright and bold your very brave.

  4. Glad to see you are back with the Amy Butler fabric squares. The colours are beautiful and a bit more subtle than my Circus Quilt. Can't wait to see it finished.

  5. wow! wot a riot of colour--love it to pieces....

  6. What beautiful colors! Can hardly wait to see the finished quilt. Out of all of the lovely blocks, the third and fifth blocks strike my fancy the most. I had a feeling you'd end up with a new sewing machine. :-)

  7. Afraid my Brother got kicked into touch by my Janome, but he still gets a look in now and then!

    Love the blocks x

  8. Hope the hospital sorts out your brother - husband usually sorts mine when they misbehave, but admittedly on his time scale of urgency, not mine, lol x


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