Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Felt Doll

A Little Fiddling With Felt

Today I was forced to stay in (wretched builders demolishing a wall) and so thought I would do something extremely lazy while lolling on the bed watching mind-numbing TV (honestly have you seen the people on Jeremy Kyle?) I was feeling a little poorly and this seemed like a nice way to spend a few hours.

I have lots of felt, plenty of threads and a lovely big eyed needle ... and this is the beginning of my efforts (work in progress). This is the very first time that I have attempted to make a doll ... so no rude comments please!

I cut some shapes, blanket stitched them together and stuffed the doll with a light stuffing. Now to embroider the face, pin the 'hair' in place (maybe a hat?) and make some clothes and shoes. And then the 'naming' bit (I always like this part of any toy).

I gave her some earrings

I gave her some eyes and a mouth

I gave her a pretty hat

And some cool shoes

The beginnings of a skirt

The start of a tunic

I shall update you with the finished doll tomorrow after she is dressed. I may even knit her a shawl and, especially for  Tina , will adorn her with some beads and sparkle.  What fun can be had with felt!

This Martha Stewart doll tutorial gave me the inspiration.


  1. waiting to see how she turns out xx

  2. How cute and clever. Someone lucky person will love to own this.

  3. She's really cute! At least she won't have to go on "Jezza K" - isnt it dire, daughters and I watch it occassionally as its lovely to be assured we are normal, LOL


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