Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Little Knitting Projects

Sock Knitting Bag

'All Over Flower Co-ordinate' by Design Crafty

I told you yesterday about my clever artistic family members. This pretty bag was given to me by the Mother of the clever boys mentioned yesterday. She is a textile designer and had designed the fabric herself and also the matching lining fabric ...

'Running Stitch Effect' by Design Crafty

She then made me a pretty knitting bag. She had then kindly put into it some sock wool, a sock pattern, some double pointed needles and even started the socks for me! Thank you K. xx

Lovely sock knitting kit

I thought this was a really cute present ... especially when I heard that the bag had been sewn on the old sewing machine that I had found in my attic last month and blogged about before it was given to her. Wasn't that thoughtful?

1920's Vesta found in my attic

K.P's fabrics can be bought here at  Spoonflower  and her designs are listed under  'Design Crafty'


If you like anything you see do leave me a message to let me know.