Friday, 6 April 2012

Blogging Award

A Blogging Award

The Award

I have been given an award as a  Versatile Blogger.  I am surprised that blogging about mundane things can be classed as versatile - and even more excited to be getting such a lot of hits and positive comments from all around the world - and an award - thank you  Bethany for nominating me.

I shall have such fun giving the award to the people who inspire me  ... there are so many of you who are versatile and totally entertaining! I particularly like blogs that have lots of photos, and even more I like bloggers who post regularly. For instance ...

1. I love all the sewing work of  Hadley at  flying blind  and love hearing about her family and she also takes great pics. She also produces masses of stuff to inspire me (and make me feel so very lazy and feeble!)

2.  Angie from  angie quilts  holds classes with some very clever ladies and gives lots of background about each of them I feel that I know them all and they produce the most beautiful quilts - and I do want to know how her daughter's pottery sales and her own quilt shop is going!

3. I absolutely adore Lucy from  attic 24  - her colourful blog really cheers my day. She crochets the most stunning stuff and her photos of the area where she lives and her home are amazing - I want my home to be this colourful and cosy!

4. Benta at SLIK stitches really does do some amazing stuff and I like to see her photos and hear about her exploits - but - get that kitchen sorted Benta!

5. Frances at Polly Polkadot  seems such a lovely person and I think it must be so difficult to be a mother, look after children, make a living and also do such lovely work too all on her messy desk!

6. Tina at Sweetypie 50  does make some outrageously colourful stuff - all sequins and buttons and bells and whistles - and I just love all that - how on earth does she think of putting these colours and materials together and then embroidering them and actually making them look nice? Beats me!

The Rules Are As Follows:

Add the award in your post

Thank the blogger who awarded it

Write seven random facts about yourself

Inform up to 15 persons that you have nominated them

Write the rules

My Seven Random Facts

1. I dabble in endless arts, crafts, cooking, writing and gardening and am totally useless at them all!

Vanessa Cooper
via The art room plant
Via thearthroomplant

2. I have had far too many children, animals and husbands  -  (5 - 13 - 2)




3. I love to cook - especially savoury things  -  I hate sugar in all its forms

Savoury scones

4. I am addicted to tea -  good strong 'builders tea' served in bone china or rich fruit infusions in glass

Via bunchofpeonies

5. I love wine - anything good served in crystal

Beautiful crystal glass

6. I am a Radio 4 fan

My faithful friend

7. I like weird and wacky and colourful

Weird and wacky

one of my favorite colors of all time:#c2d300

The Award

Lia Ices 'Grown Unknown' ...

Hopefully I have grown a little less unknown to all my virtual friends!


  1. Fun facts! I had to giggle at the husbands, it reminded me of an article I read on the BBC new site the other day about the old 90 something lady in Florida who was finally giving up driving the car she'd had since the '60's. She claimed the secret was she really looked after it carefully, in fact she was careful with everything except husbands (she's had 3 ;o) )

  2. Love your acceptance post. It's too cool! Made me smile. :-) Also, I like 'Grown Unknown" ... I'll have to listen to more from Lia Ices!

  3. Thank you - and thank you fir sharing, I will have to go and make up some interesting stuff!

  4. Thank you :-). We spent ths morning moving the freezer to its new home, then the afternoon thinking of alternative ideas, and now the freezer is in the wrong place, sigh!! Loved hearing about you, I shall try and write my pist in the next few days

  5. Congratulations on your award. You deserve it. Lovely blog today.

  6. hey--thanks for that, hmmm 10 interesting facts?hmmm--particularly like the husbands, I WAS ALSO ONCE MARRIED to the one on the left I think....

    I'm impressed keep up the good work.

  8. Hiya, sorry I've taken so long to leave a message, but I did pop by when you left me the message. I am currently struggling with holiday duties i.e. my children!! Thanks for the award ... just you wait until you see my desk tomorrow ...


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