Friday, 20 April 2012

Fun Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley book and bookmark

 Stanley Lambchops

Do you know the book Flat Stanley? If you have been a mother within the past forty years or so then I am sure you do. The book was actually written in 1964! Well the name Stanley has come back into fashion and every other baby or young child you meet for the first time seems to be bearing this wonderful old fashioned name.

A helpful child's drawing of Flat Stanley

A friend has recently become a Grandma for the first time and should be feeling very happy but instead is a little uncomfortable with the new grandson's name. He has been called Stanley Lambchop.

Via Disney - Pinocchio

(OK I made that last bit up! ... he! he!  ... really it was just Stanley).  She had never heard of Flat Stanley and I was trying my best to persuade her that it was a fun name so this week I bought her this book ...

Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown
Via Amazon £5.99

It is a lovely kids story about a boy who was squashed flat when a pinboard fell on him during the night. He then had lots of lovely adventures until his clever brother pumped him back into shape with a bicycle pump. What fun.

Flat Stanley has adventures after being squashed flat - here he is a kite
But eventually after becoming sad he is pumped back to his normal self

I decided to make a little Flat Stanley
A friend drew the outline for me - thank you G

She then cut the template for me

I then sewed a fun Flat Stanley

And before I could catch him to put him in the book as a bookmark off he went on an adventure ...


He checked out the fridge

He even tried to get into the washer

He sat on the clock and would not come down

He hid in the fruit bowl

And I eventually caught him hiding in a plant and popped him in the book!

He looked absolutely nothing like the real 'Flat Stanley' - although my first attempt for another child was fairly good - and Mr Whizz Kid looked at it and said "That is truly weird" but I think it looks fun - so there! 

No I have not lost the plot. This is a special post for a lovely eleven year old girl called Ella. xx


  1. my kids both loved flat Stanley... I was pretty fed up of reading his story !! x

  2. How lovely for Ella. If flat Staney wants to go on a journey (maybe sending Ella some postcards) he is very welcome to go to Windsor via my house!

  3. Did you get told at any point over the last year 'no long-lasting side-effects!'? Never speak of this when you are anywhere near a doctor with a sedative.

    Good fun!

  4. Your Flat Stanley is so cute! I'm sure you cheered your friend up with your Flat Stanley. I enjoyed his adventures around your home. :-)

  5. Heh, I never read it when I was little, but I did have fun with my friend's wee boy from Illinois' Flat Zack (it was a mini of him) a few years ago. He even had a blog so he and his school friends could check out Flat Zack's tour of Glasgow for a week :oD

  6. Even though I have had four children in the past 35 years I have never heard of Flat Stanley. My daughters friends little boy is called Stanley so I will let her know of these books. I love your Stanley! :)

  7. you have definately lost the plot, and yes I remember flat stanley in our house we always call big baggy shorts, threequarter lengths--stanleys!!![stanley mathews]


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