Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Knit And Natter

Just A Little Knitting And A Lot Of Natter

Super wools

I finally found the wonderful Rico Loopy that I have been lusting after for a few weeks. It was in a craft shop called C.F. Fabrics in Guildford Town Centre. There were lots of exciting colours to choose from but eventually I choose a very simple grey as I thought it would be appropriate for a friend who is not into riots of colour like me. I think this material may be going out of fashion as it is reduced in all outlets at the present time. A 150 gram ball / 45 metres is now around £7.50 - reduced from about £10. This quantity is supposed to make a scarf sized 20cm x 180cm.

As you can see it is very wide and 'loopy'

The 'Boa Style Scarf' is an easy project

The label has a step by step explanation

I only had a size 4mm needles available instead of the size 7mm or 8mm suggested so I cast on ten stitches instead of the suggested seven stitches. The scarf might end up being slightly less long consequently.

After just five minutes you can see it grow

At the end of the class it had grown just a little more
As I explained in the title - more natter than knitting!

I took very few photos at this session as I was unwilling to upset any of the class further ... I know how annoying it can be to have someone constantly snapping away (because Mr Whizz Kid and the Devil Child  constantly tell me so!)

I could not resist a photo of the following child's crochet blanket, however, as it was simply stunning and had taken the clever lady over one year to complete. She has also done several smaller projects during this time and each and every one is a real masterpiece.

Each square was crocheted in a different stitch

Each square was more complex and beautiful than the last

This is truly a stunning work of art. We have such clever ladies in our class!


  1. Love the mosaic, did you put that together? The wool is great, Jackie knitted me a scarf for Chrustmas in it. I love the white blanket. Blogger just lost my first attempt at commenting! Grrrrr

  2. bless those girls for their donations that allow us to be creative xx

  3. So nice to see ewe all at the end there ;o)

  4. The wool looks lovely and that scarf.... wow I do wish i could knit i really do..... thanks for visiting my blogx I had real fun doing that painting.

  5. What a beautiful crochet blanket! I know the scarf will be beautiful as well. :-)


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