Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Knitting And Hooky With The Royal Family

Knit And Natter Group
Knitting The Royal Family

The group is so very clever and each of the ladies seem to have a new project each week. I am amazed at the turnout of people and projects and a little embarrassed at my meagre offerings ...

What a beautiful shawl
I love shawls
And this was beautifully beaded too
The cutest baby top
This looked amazing ... and see the blue cardigan in the background?
This clever lady made that too!
This was an amazing work by a lady who had never crocheted before
How about this tablecloth for a first effort?
This made me feel totally stupid!

I am busy making a rather sophisticated baby blanket with knitted granny  squares - I saw it in a booklet in J. L. and (being mean again) I decided to copy it and not buy the book. It is make in nine inch squares, each one with the same weight wool or silk and each being in a different stitch and pattern and design and colour. I completed the first square and am in the middle of the second and went to see what was to be done next and ... damn ... the book was sold and I have no idea what it was called!  So now to remember as much as I can and then to improvise ...

This is the first square ...

Beautiful colour with lime, navy and lilac bobbles

Subtle champagne colour with pink, lime and lilac bobbles for the second
Vibrant turquoise with multi coloured bobbles for the third

The blanket was made of sixteen squares each nine inches square (4 x 4 = 16 in total). This should then measure thirty six inches square when assembled. Four were plain knit with textured silk/wool (like the bobbled ones above). Four were moss stitch in a plain silk/wool. The other eight were four in stocking stitch and four in an intricate pattern again in a silk/wool mixture. Each square was a different colour. This much I remember! As to the pattern I shall have to improvise! I am expecting difficulties when it comes to exact sizes and measurements and tension but shall just have to muddle through. That's me all along - just muddle along!


This is my still as yet unfinished knitted wavy baby blanket ... I am still working on the crochet edges, which are taking forever ... I needed help to remind me just how to do the stitches necessary to finish it off ... thank you K. for your help! xx

It will be finished soon - I  promise!

Now I have to tell you about this wonderful book that I found called ...

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding!

It is totally weird!

H.R.H. - Isn't she lovely?

All the family is portrayed and very recognizable ...

Love the corgis and Camilla looks amazing!

They are all totally captivating!

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding
Fiona Goble
Amazon £9.99


  1. your grouplooks like fun xx and so do "The family" !! x

  2. Oh I knew John Lewis would catch onto your sneaky ways in the end!!

  3. the Royal Family!

  4. First part cool, second part scary biscuits!

  5. Can you not do any 36 shares in any knit and any colour o long as they are the same size? But don't take my advice as I don't knit, lol! Lovethe royal family, how do they make thm so recognisable??

  6. Wow. Who made the striped shawl? Wonderful photos as always.

  7. I love the wavy baby blanket you're working on (beautiful colors)! The knitted royal wedding is amazing! :-)


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