Thursday, 5 April 2012

Art Installation

Art Comes In Many Forms

Mr Whizz Kid and I have been searching for a new car and today paid a visit to Mercedes Benz World. It was a fairly awesome experience as the building is luxury personified and the design amazing, but one thing in particular really caught my eye. It was billed as an 'art work' but was so much more. I tried to capture it in photos but they really did not do it justice.

Amazing art installation

I loved this work by Paul Veroude

Now I know this is not clear!  What is portrayed is a Formula One car with every tiny piece suspended in an appropriate place above the chassis. To get a good look at this great installation that I found so amazing go to ...  where there is a short video to show it off properly.

Sadly difficult to read because of the exceptionally bright lights

What this unreadable plaque tells is that the Formula One installation entitled "View Suspended II"
displays a Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One car in an innovative way. It was created by the Dutch artist Paul Veroude and curated by Artwise Creators. Each piece is suspended on silver wire from an overhanging frame and the resultant artwork/sculpture is totally breathtaking. The Formula One Exhibition also has a selection of other beautiful cars and racing information - a great place to take any racing enthusiast.

Mr Whizz Kid liked this one

More readable?

I enjoyed this video (without the music) from UTube. I hope you do too.

We bought this one!


  1. Was that MBW in Weybridge? I used o childmind an autistic boy and we often went o the Brooklands museum just a bit further on. He loved the trains going past and the video shown in the cargo Vanguard best, and that we went on the M25 to get there!!! I wish I'd known about the stuff in MBW too. At least himself had some time away fom work, did you get a nice lunch too? Nice car you settled on!! X x

  2. Wonderful! That is the kind of place that bolts the doors when it sees my clan coming!

  3. I rather like the one you bought!!! I seem to remember haveing a similar one !! lol

  4. The art installation is amazing! Typically the photo of the one you bought, is the one showing the red X here lol

  5. Thanks for taking us along Annabelle. My first car was just like the one you bought! :-)

  6. Hello, I’ve nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger award because your blog is inspiring, entertaining and a true joy to visit.


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