Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Yummy Lunch

Jamie Oliver Lunch

Did I ever tell you that I love Jamie Oliver?  I love the way that he has shown us all how easy it is to cook a simple meal - no need for scales or accuracy - just a handful of this and a pinch of that and such lovely meals come from the kitchen with seemingly little effort. I even like the way that he has taught my boys how to cook and still look cool - (sadly Mr Whizz Kid was not paying attention at the time!)

Nice wholesome Jamie

I always disliked the primness of Delia, and the idiocy of Heston, and the bad language flowing from Gordon and then along came that wonderful, wholesome kid with no airs and graces who showed us all what wonderful meals could come from freshly prepared  simple foods.

The pasta machine (red) and bread station

So another meal out at Jamie's (yes I know I could have stayed at home with his cookery books and done it myself - hmm no! - definitely not this one!)  but I so love the luxury of eating out once a week. 

Very simple setting a bit like an American Diner

Mr Whizz Kid just wanted a light lunch with water (he was driving) - me I wanted a heavy lunch with wine ...

His looked great but was definitely not enough for me! ...

Seafood risotto with chilli and saffron
Crispy salad infused with chilli

Mine was to die for! ...

Frito misto with tartare sauce, lemon and deep fried vermicelli

The most delicious thing I have ever eaten there
The wine was good too!

My excuse for not cooking this ... I don't fry anything at home as it is just too unhealthy!


  1. Wow this all looks incredibly yummy!

  2. Makes my mouth water. Luckily I am being cooked for this evening.

  3. Holy crap, what IS that at the end?! Glad you enjoyed it - I've not been to the one in Glasgow yet, it didn't get very good reviews

  4. Oh, you definitely made the best lunch choice, Annabelle. That looks absolutely delicious! I'm hungry now and it's 9:03 p.m. I love to watch Jamie Oliver's cooking show on television.


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