Thursday, 12 April 2012

Craft Book

Original Craft Book

I found this wonderful craft book and wondered why I had not seen it before as it has been around for several years. Do you know it?  It is called ...

Crafty Chica's Guide To Artful Sewing
Kathy Cano Murillo

I loved the simple projects

I was captivated by the first page

This amazing lady really sparkles
Via Flickr

This book is a lovely soft cover big book with over one hundred pages full of wonderful ideas for recycling and upcycling and easy ideas to add a sparkle to your crafting. There are also numerous templates and plans and ideas for craft projects. The style reminded me very much of  Angela and Tina at   Expedition Art Quilts   and  Sweetypie50   - perhaps they know of it?

Pretty purses

Kathy calls herself a thread artist and loves stitches, colour, glitter and sparkle and along with interesting fabric conjures up some amazing wearables, purses and gifts. This book is suitable for the beginner and the expert alike as it is really a book of ideas and inspiration.

Book Review: Crafty Chica's Guide To Artful Sewing
Colourful projects and simple tips

Book Review: Crafty Chica's Guide To Artful Sewing
Exotic projects and colourful photos


Crafty Chica and her amazing glittery works appear to be well known in the USA but until yesterday I had never read a word about her and her empire built on glitter and sparkle! Her book is available via Amazon for £14.99


  1. Cool, looking forward to seeing what you make from it :o)

  2. crickey!!! someone more mexican than me!!!she even looks like me, I must buy this book immediately, thanks for the tip

  3. ha ha got the last one!!!!!!!

  4. Looks like a good book full of great ideas! Oh, my mother had a tomato pin cushion like the one in the picture! I haven't seen another one like it until now. :-)


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