Thursday, 19 January 2012

Crazy Quilt Panel

Unfinished Crazy Quilted Panel

I came upon an unfinished piece of work from July 2010 (sadly I have lots of these) while tidying a cupboard and decided that as I was still without my sewing space then this was something I could complete by hand. This was the original article that I posted back then  ...

Quilted Wall Hanging

Art Quilt Wall Hanging Bright Circle Motif "Facing Circles"
I love this!

'Facing Circles' by Oh This Nose!

I came across this unusual black wall hanging on Etsy and really fell in love with it. The colours are so vibrant and the decoration of beads and embroidery really inspired me to try and come up with something similar as a gift for a friend. See the listing here: .

I decided to use it for inspiration and am now in the process of making one of my own in paler tones. I am not particularly artistic and find this a wonderful way of producing my own quilting by being inspired by others (ie. copying)

I should love to credit the artist but her profile on Etsy gives no clues to her name. She is based in Eugene, Oregon, USA, and produces some really lovely pieces. This one costs 200$

My homage to 'Facing Circles' is being made using the paler peach, green and turquoise tones of 'Chez Moi' fabric by Moda Fabrics. I love these fabrics but have difficulty tracking them down as they only sell directly to the trade. Luckily I had these as a gift from a very dear friend.

I am in the process of decorating each of the squares with embroidery and beads and buttons and have quilted each square individually directly onto the wadding. My aim is for a wall hanging of around one metre square. I haven't yet decided upon the edging and backing colours and would be happy for some suggestions from the more artistic among you as to how to finish it!

Unfortunately I didn't get any comments or suggestions and being without much imagination the panel got stuffed into a cupboard where I found it today. Perhaps this will keep me busy for a day or two ... my fingers are itching to do something craft related!

As you can see (as usual) it all needs a good iron!

I am particularly inspired by the work of  Sweetypie50  who adds and adds and adds embellishments - and it looks fabolous, and so I have realized that there is so much more that I can do to this panel. Watch this space!


  1. OOH! I LOVE it!! Then I reaaly love crazy work. Have FUN with thi project ...waiting to see the finished result xx

  2. This is looking great, I love the black and white one too and you have such a good idea to 'copy' but also change it and add your own individual ideas too. I will look forward to seeing it completed!

  3. yey!!! go for it, I love it its fantastic- have a look at youtube-teesha moore fabric journals 1-4 so much inspiration.. tina ps the vquilt police wont like it be a rebel add some sequins...

  4. Oh my goodness you could just keep adding and adding!!


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