Monday, 9 January 2012

Venetian Glass

Venetian Glass Beads

I am extremely lucky to live just five minutes walk from  Hampton Court Palace , which is such a beautifull Palace and is surrounded by a really lively riverside village.

Hampton Court Palace

There are lots of cafe's and restaurants, gift shops and antique emporiums and the area is a real draw for all the tourists and visitors who come to see this wonderful Palace and the extensive public gardens. Bushey Park is also opposite the Palace and is one of Londons most beautiful public parks.
I love to browse the shops in this area as often as possible, eat in the cafe's and walk the parks and riverside. 

This week I found a pretty Venetian Glass necklace as a birthday gift for a friend in an antique shop there. It dates to around 1920 and I found it quite enchanting. The 'wedding cake' beads are particularly special and the few Merano glass beads are fairly unusual and even the more modern beads are also so very pretty.

I have been fascinated by beautiful glass in all its forms since seeing an exhibition of glass at Kew Botanic Gardens in Surrey a few years ago. The artist was the amazing  Dale Chihuly  and I was mesmerised by the beautiful and stunning huge exhibits. He had transformed the gardens into an amazing showcase of his talents and I was astonished by just what could be done with glass.

About Dale Chihuly

Chihuly began blowing glass as a student in the early 1960s. Since then he has become more of a planner and visionary in the glass industry, as opposed to a craftsman. By focusing more on the big picture and less on the intricate details of physical glassblowing, Chihuly has created different themes in his artwork. His pieces have taken on forms found in everyday objects and nature.

I was really pleased to see that there is an exhibition of his works in London until 29th February at the Halcyon Gallery 144-146 New Bond Street, London,  W1S 2PF.   Do go and be dazzled!

See you there?

Taken in the botanic gardens
A glass chandelier
Taken in the botanic gardens
Taken in the botanic gardens


  1. Lovely display of beautiful glass. I love those beads. Years ago....I mean Dad bought me a beautiful glass bead necklace from an antique market stall. I still have it (nearly 40yrs later) and wish I knew more about where those beads were made. Have a great week!

  2. BEAUTIFUL you are very lucky to live where you do xx enjoy x

  3. Crickey those 'flowers' are amazing!

  4. The necklace is fab, a very "current" design but antique - serendipity indeed! The flowers are amazing, lead crystal glass does nothing for me, but blown glass is another matter altogether! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing! (Hampton court - I used to go once or twice a year with childminded children, they loved it, and nearly 30 years ago I did some agency babysitting at a house along the towpath between the castle and the river - more recently, niki and I have been there for the great British duck race in the summer hols


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