Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Eye Candy

Some Eye Candy

YOU TOO    can actually make any/all of these things!

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Doll 502
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The Amy Carry-All - Gathered Zippered Clutch With Divider
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Sleepy Owl Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern
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LITTLE LADIES mini doll Knitting Pattern with fabric dress patterns
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Pumpkin, Beige Flower  Lariat  Necklace, Scarf, Scarflette
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Hot Air Balloons Whimsical Colorful Original Folk Art Painting
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Papillon Cushion
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Time in Tokyo
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Valentine's day chocolates from Lick the Spoon
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Tutti Frutti 500g
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iPhone Cozy--Echino-Nico Cars
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DSC 02051 Moist Chocolate Cake

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  1. Not sure I could make any as good as these - but I can dream!


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