Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Lunch In A Jar

Kilner Jar Lunches

I came upon a great idea of supplying packed lunches, which gets away from the usual method of soggy sandwiches.  The fact that several days lunches can be prepared at any one time without detriment to the food appealed to my lazy self even more! As it is January and everyone is on a diet, (Mr Whizz Kid included), salads and healthy food is the order of the day. The lunches are layered in a Kilner Jar with a dressing and more soggy food toward the bottom and lighter greenery at the top. They keep fresh in the fridge for several days and then when ready to eat they just need a shake to dstribute the dressing ... and voila!

Four lunches
On their side to see the layers

These four jars contain a variety of foods:-

Potato salad
Pasta salad
Diced mushrooms
Diced tomato
Diced cucumber
Vegetable couscous
Poached, diced chicken breast
French dressing

But ... anything is possible!

The Kilner Jars are about 5" tall but they do both larger and smaller jars. The smaller ones could be used in the same way for a dessert - perhaps layers of jelly, marshmallows, yogurt, rocky road, etc.? And for those lucky enough to have a microwave at work hot food could be just as easily prepared - say spaghetti bolognese with parmesan, or a hot noodle salad?


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