Monday, 23 January 2012

Craft Fair Goodies

Photos Ad Nauseum

Pretty felt crafts

This really is the end of my craft pics from Sandown Stitch And Creative Craft Fair  ... even I am fed up with them!

A cornocopia of crafts!

Beautiful filigree bowl

Soluble paper kit for bowl

Unknown crafter
Unknown crafter
Unknown crafter
Richard Box
Richard Box

For me the undoubted star of the show was the fabulous work of Richard Box. Do try and see it if you get a chance as it really is amazing and my pics do not do it justice. Sadly no website to drool over!

I really liked the Button Lady from Sutton Coldfield who sells the most interesting buttons. It is hard to resist them - only the price keeps me from extravagance.

They really are cute. They are to go on my new journal covers (as soon as I figure out just how to make them neatly!)

More lovely buttons came from  Fantastic  I think these just have to be for me!

This lovely little 'boy bag' is for a cherished little boy - it is lined in shiny blue satin  ...

And this pink 'girlie bag' is for a cherished little girl and it is lined in shiny pink satin ...

Both came from Dottie Designs who had the most colourful stall. They are fleecy, fully lined and so very cute - especially when full of sweeties!

Unknown crafter

Now enough about craft fairs.  I promise not to mention them ever again (until the next time)!

Unknown crafter

And now for something totally unrelated. I told you that I was rather too much interested in sewing machines at present!  This one looks pretty but I guess is not too special as it comes very cheaply from Argos!



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the buttons xx

  2. Well I love seeing where you've been.
    Argos - how funny! 10 stitches and a button hole, more than I use on mine!!

  3. i love the filigree bowl, did you buy the instructions? so delicate, not sure what it could be used for, but very pretty to look at!


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