Saturday, 21 January 2012

Great Day Out - Part One

Snippets From A Day Out

I had a lovely day out at Sandown Stitch And Creative Craft Fair. There were so many interesting stalls that this post will have to run for several days.  I took masses of pics (as promised) and these are just a few of them.

I particularly liked the work of Richard Box. This lovely man is a genius. He had done the most amazing collage work and the design and colours were terrific.

He was a wonderful cheerful soul and his work was simply stunning and very original. He can be contacted at  Sadly there is no website at present but one is planned. He holds courses at  The WI Denman College  at Abingdon, In Oxfordshire, which have amusing titles - 'Painting For The Petrified',  'Drawing For The Terrified', and the inevitable 'Picture It In Collage And Stitch'. I am sorely tempted.


I found this photo very amusing as he had just told me that his work was between £100 and £500 and some even more expensive. Even a tiny postcard size one was £45 ... so ... I think this '£10' was a 'typo' or referred to something else!

Dottie Designs
Yummy chocolates and fudge
Lightweight clogs
Printing supplies

I had a Cath Kidston bag with me and was surprised to see almost exact copies for a fraction of the original price.

Fake bags

Part Two To Follow  ...


  1. Good grief woman, I get a few days behind with reading posts and find a dozen from you!!! I'm very jealous of the Sandown day out, I'm leaching this weekend (only 1 in 4 weekends) so I miss it :-(. I have arranged to go o FoQ in August, and I do have far more fabric than I can use in the next dozen years, so maybe no big loss!! Looking forward to seeing more of your photos

  2. Looks great! I even like that the fake bags are called 'bergs', like trying not to be 'bags' either!

  3. thanks for the pictures, it is wonderful to see all the colours xx


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