Sunday, 22 January 2012

Great Day Out - Part Two

Part Two

Here are some more of my Sandown Pics. The pics are of patchwork, wools, sewing machines, yarns, button, beads, knitted garments and ribbons. I was so busy taking photographs that I bought very little. The majority of the show seemed to be devoted to cardmaking and stamping, (which I am not too interested in myself),  and these stands were so crowded that it was almost impossible to take pics of them proving that it is obviously a craft of huge interest to many people

As you can see I am a little preoccupied with new sewing machines at present and fell in love with this large lovely (The Janome Horizon -  £1750 reduced to £1350) Ahh!!  I wish. Angie from Angie Quilts suggested that I needed a new Bernina Series 5 but the Woking Sewing Machine Company was scathing about them - it is so difficult to find objective advice. The majority of machines now seem to be built in the far east and this puts many sellers off  -  love some advice ... anyone?

As you can see the show was pretty large and very crowded so at this point we stopped for coffee. More later ...



  1. If I won the lottery I would buy the Horizon, but that is based on complete fiction and fantasy, sorry x

  2. I get so fed up with these shows...I used to LOVE going, now I am going less and less because they are being taken over by the cardmakers. I think it is time they ahd their own shows and let the sewer have theirs!! OK rant over xx Hope you enjoyed your coffee xx

  3. OOOOOooohhhhhh what beautiful shops. You day off is great.

  4. Card making never grabbed me as a craft, too fiddly I guess. i tried scrap booking (sis in law worked for Creative Memories so I was being supportive) but its only fabric that really excites me!


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