Sunday, 8 January 2012

Smoked Trout

Smoked Trout It Is!

What a chaotic week. I had forgotten just how messy decorators can be and what an upheaval it is to have new carpets fitted. I have totally lost contact with all my 'crafty' stuff (all packed away in a cupboard) and we are sleeping in a bedroom seemingly full of the whole contents of the rest of the house.

The good news is that  Farrow and Ball's  "Smoked Trout" is the perfect colour for our house and it looks wonderful with crisp white doors, windows and skirting. Unfortunately the mess will last for a further two weeks so no hope of sewing,  however, I have managed to keep some felt and cottons and intend to try to make just one or two small items in the spare moments when not making tea for the decorators or carpet fitters.

Even better good news is that I discovered quite by chance that I was a lucky winner of one of Sweeypie's  treasured journals.

Lucky me!

I shall post a pic when it arrives. Thank you so much Sweetypie xx.

The lovely Benta at  SLIKstitches  has sent me a lovely bag  ...  she has just returned from Australia and the fabric was obviously one of her lucky finds there. The bag is beautifully made (Thank you so much Benta xx) and the fabric is enchanting. I shall definitely need new shoes to go in such an unusual shoe bag!


  1. I will resist all temptation to make a joke about the old trout getting her way!

  2. you are a lucky girl xx so glad you went with thepaint named fora fish NOT the mouses back

  3. and when you send me your address I will post it to you,I wont publish your address...tina

  4. Lucky lucky you on the note book win , they look fab! Hope the decorating is worth the hassle! Brian has gone back to fitting other people's kitchens, bathrooms, etc, which means mine has slowed down. Another door replaced, but no more floor tiles since Christmas Eve! Glad the bag arrived safely! I hadn't thought of using them for shoes!!


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