Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Yet Another Day Out

I do stay home sometimes, honestly.
I'm just making up for losing a whole year of my life!

Richmond Park, Richmond
Richmond Park

Richmond Riverside

The Delights of Richmond Upon Thames

India Jane

I discovered a wonderful new shop this weekend while on a day out to Richmond upon Thames with a friend. It was full of beautiful furniture, accessories and nic nacs. The Indian throws, cushions and fabrics and  home accessories were stunning and beautifully displayed in charming room settings. I sneekily took a few snaps (most London shops do not allow this) and here they are ...

We actually bought very little but really wanted it all, especially the lovely hand embroidered cushions.  But, of course Richmond is a beautiful town and has much more to offer than just wonderful shops and restaurants. The parks, gardens, and riverside walks are beautiful and the newish (1980s)  'period style' architecture designed by Quinlan Terry along the riverside walks and the shopping development is simply stunning.

Via Rudi.net

The Beautiful Theatre

The lovely Richmond Theatre was built in 1899 and was designed by the famous theatre architect Frank Matcham. It sits alongside Richmond Green and the theatregoers take their drinks outside in the interlude and sit on the green on glorious summer evenings. At present a Russian Ballet Company are visiting and it usually has an eclectic programme to suit all ages and tastes.

We had a delicious lunch in a local French Bistro called  'Cote'  ,  I think I have mentioned it before as it is a favourite of mine. We had their special lunch menu, which is very good value   ...

And finished off with the most delicious creme caramel  ... ever ...



  1. looks like a wonderful day out xx

  2. You spend as much time out and about as you can - that's what it's all about - it'll be to cold, rainy and horrible some days, then you can sew!

  3. Good for you! I love the India Jane shop, esoecially the name, my niece is India Jade? I saw rocky horror at Richmond theatre, about 25 years ago!


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