Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Yarnbombing In Thames Ditton

A friend sent me the following article today - from New Zealand - I am IN Thames Ditton, two minutes from the station and knew nothing about it! Thank you K. xx

Nothing ever happens in my sleepy little village - and when it does I miss it! I shall go and take a look today as it is really is just two minutes walk away.
It DID make me smile.

on crochetime

Yarnbombing in Thames Ditton

by crochetime
I did it! I did my first yarnbomb!!!!
I staked out my corner on Wednesday morning and planned the yarn attack all day Wednesday.
Wednesday evening I returned to measure the
location of the attackfence. Measure is probably too technical a term: I put my hand horizontally next to the fence and took a photo, and stood next to the fence, making a note of where the top of the fence reached in relation to my body. When I got home I measured those distances et voila: I needed nine 10cm x 10cm squares. (Might I just add that I did the measuring when everyone from the 18:06 from Waterloo had left the station area so as to not draw too much attention. Yes, that's right. I didn't want to draw attention to the 2 minutes of measuring ...... for a yarnbomb... using nine crochet squares... to be attached in daylight... on a Saturday... on a busy street corner. Sometimes even I have to shake my head.)
The look I was going for with this yarnbomb, was a zig zag design of floating brightly coloured squares, giving a stained glass window effect to the metal fence. I think I achieved this. Sort of.
As I wanted the squares to appear to be floating, I didn't use yarn to sew them to the railings, but in stead used cable ties. It worked brilliantly! As a bonus the squares won't slide down the metal when they get wet, so my squares will stay put.
The pattern is "Circle in a Square" from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks, but only did rounds 1 to 5. All the squares are done in Stylecraft Special DK with a 4mm crochet hook.
willing accomplicelovely friend, Liezel, joined me on Saturday to attach the nine squares and to
get evidencetake photos of the guerilla crochet. It was so much fun! And such an adrenaline rush! Carrying cable ties and side cutters in your handbag tend to do that.
We weren't doing anything illegal and we did it in the light of day, but it still felt sneaky and rebellious (says she who's biggest act of rebellion to date was wearing a rub-on tattoo on holiday last year.)
I really hope people will enjoy the nine little pops of colour on their way to and from Thames Ditton station. If it makes just one person smile, that will make me smile.



  1. SEE... turn your back and "stuff" happens!
    My daughter went to Australia ... and this happened in 2 of our local squares! lol x

  2. I love to see the yarn bombing that occasionally pops up, great fun.

  3. wow i read something about yarn bombing just yesterday and now you are at it ............it looks great will give people something to puzzle and smile over :)))

  4. Heh, that would perk up your journey to work a little :o)

  5. Oh I love this!!! You ave been gadding about a bit haven't you! Good for you!

  6. Cable ties? Genius! Now I know what to do with my crochet samples!


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