Tuesday, 30 October 2012

NZ - The 'Lord Of The Ring' Country

Did You Know ...
I arrived in the beautiful Nelson, South Island, New Zealand after three long flight (two were twelve hours each) and the sun was shining and the countryside as amazing as ever. This area is well known throughout the world because of the filming here for The Lord Of The Rings series.

The flight from Auckland to Nelson takes place in a tiny twin engined sixteen seater (with propellers) plane, which flies very close to the sea (The Cook Straits - aka Captain Cook) and I sprinkled some fairy dust over Wellington as we flew over as requested by Hadley for her sister. The flight in such a tiny plane always makes me a little nervous but I survived without too much discomfort.

The Lord Of The Rings

Did you know that much of  the filming for 'The Lord Of The Rings',  J.R.R Tolkien's masterpiece was filmed in and around the three National Parks of Nelson, in The South Island of New Zealand?

Middle Earth

The War In The North

Mount Owen (Dimril Dale) and Mount Olympus (Eirigion Hills) provided many of the fantastic settings in and around Rivendell and Chetwood Forest. The rough country of Kaharangi National Park, where some of the most spectacular filming took place, was so inaccessible that all the film crews and equipment were transported by helicopter to these remote sites. (Nelson Helicopters now provide a special 'The Lord Of The Rings Tour').

The One True Ring

Nelson is known as a creative destination and the local artisans provided many of the props for the film. 'The One True Ring' was made by local jeweller  Jens Hansen  as were the rings for Hugo Weaving (Elrond's 'Ring Of Power'), the ring for Viggo, the ring for Cale and an adorable band with an Elvish inscription. All these beautiful rings are now produced as replicas and can be bought at Hansen's The Jewellers.

Bag End

Pottery used throughout came from local potters and carvings, steelwork, glasswork and costumes were all provided by the accomplished artisans in the region. Even the beer served at 'The Prancing Pony' in Bree, was brewed at the local Nelson Brewery, Harringtons, something of which they are particularly proud.

The Animaajes


The Misty Mountains


  1. Wow, what beautiful landscape, and how lovely that the filmmakers used local skills rather than importing Hollywood props.

    Love the idea of the fairy dust for Hadley's safer, I bet she'd rather have been going too, but it's the next best thing!

    Have you finally finished travelling? Have a great time with the family

  2. Thank you xxx

    So very jealous! I loved driving through Miramar seeing some of the models peering from the Weta studio windows!

  3. You have made me want to watch these films again!

  4. What a fantasy land you're visiting. The Lord of the Rings is such a beautiful movie! Thanks for sharing. :-)


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