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Shopping In Harrogate

Harrogate Part 2
Some Pretty Gifts

View of The Ribble Valley North Yorkshire


Most of the shops in Harrogate were parts of chains that I can shop in at any time. Living in London we have every imaginable shop on our doorstep so things have to be particularly unusual or original to make me part with my money on a trip away from home. Luckily there were one or two original gifts that caught my eye - just in time for Christmas!

I was so happy to find Bijouled  in Parliament Street in the town centre. This wonderful little sparkling shop had some superb designer gifts - Vivienne Westwood  bags,  Lulu Guinness bags and accessories,  Butler and Wilson  jewellery,  Avoca   knitwear and gifts,  Ollie and Nic collections and many more too numerous to mention. Georgina, the eye-catching owner, relieved us of some money without too much difficulty on her part. I just loved the sparkles!

I also fell in love with  Lalo Treasures  a quirky designer based in Bulgaria who designs the most amazing jewellery and accessories in colourful resins. I bought several of her small pieces as gifts.
Her quirky keyrings and bracelets were lovely ...

Stop and smell the roses - Keyrings
Cute bag charms
La primavera I
Amazing bracelets
Happy flowers III
Original necklaces

Four Seasons - Keyrings
Quirky keyrings 

I was also delighted to find some Butler and Wilson sparkly things for friends who love to shine.

Snap Swarovski crystal cuff

Another designer who caught my imagination here was  Rosie Fox. Her things were just way over the top 'bling' and so exciting to buy as gifts. I bought this silver crystal snake cuff for a friend who loves anything that sparkles - I think she will love it ...

Silver crystal snake cuff

Crystal encrusted silver lizard

And this lovely piece is a gift for a pretty girl who loves 'catwalk' stuff.  Rosie Fox is a London based jewellery designer, (originally from Brighton), who specialises in 'catwalk' jewellery and makes cheaper copies of expensive pieces for everyday use. I was smitten with her work. She loves vintage and glamour and bling - and so do I.  Affordable luxury is what she offers - wonderful isn't it?

From Avoca Anthology range I bought some pairs of their long 'Ditsy' socks  - they are soft wool and come in all colours and have pretty little bits of ribbon and lace and buttons to decorate them  ....

Avoca Anthology 'Vivian' Ditsy over the knee socks. Cute aren't they?

Big Baby resin goods

More Big Baby goods  is a sales site for a huge selection of Big Baby resin jewellery.  The goods were widely available in Harrogate and very cheap and colourful. Apparently The Tate Gallery Shop Online in London also sells these goods and some seemed extremely clever and unusual and were not at all expensive.

Resin jewellery is a rather new and upcoming method of making cheap and cheerful and very colourful gifts. The jewellery is made from a resin kit (epoxy) and some simple moulds. I may like to give this craft a try ...

Meanwhile I bought this lovely pair of resin  'Wizard Of Oz'  Dorothy Slippers (pin brooch) from Hush in The Victoria Shopping Centre to encourage me to try this new and exciting craft.

They are just wizard!

Sadly cannot show you any more of my purchases as they are presents for people who read my blog and most already gift wrapped! Suffice to say the shopping was good and even Mr Whizz Kid got some aftershave from L'Occitane and some Yorkshire Tea Loaf and Special Chocolates from the wonderful  Betty's Tea Rooms.

Black Quilted Lips Leather Medium Lola
The one that got away!

This lovely Lulu Guinness 'Lola' tote bag in black quilted 'lips' design just begged me to buy it - but I resisted the temptation thinking that £350 could probably feed us for a week!

The White Rose Of Yorkshire
R.A. Braithwaite
Silver and enamel £122


  1. Wow, loaded with bling there! I want to come to dinner at your house though, £350 would feed me for 2 months!!!

  2. wow lots of gorgeous-ness .

  3. Fabulosity! I enjoyed tagging along. Love the one that got away :-)

  4. Man, you is blingin'!

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