Friday, 5 October 2012

Barcelona Break

Few Barcelona Photos

Stunning view of Barcelona from Gaudi's Park Guell


I have just had a short holiday in Barcelona. We stayed at  The Royal Ramblas  on The Ramblas and had a good time with lots of lovely food, drinks and tapas. The area is one of the oldest medieval cities in Europe. We went specifically to see The Sagrada Familia, a stunning 'fairytale' cathedral, which we had seen about ten years ago but were anxious to see the improvements. Apparently the work will go on until 1926, when hopefully we shall see the finished masterpiece. Here are a few pics from our trip ...

Sagrada Familia
Gaudi masterpiece

The Rose Window
Sagrada Familia

Interior shot of Sagrada Familia

View Barcelona Olympic Park

Barcelona Boqueira Market

Barcelona Boqueira Market

Barcelona Boqueira Market

Tripe and goat's heads in Barcelona Boqueira Market

Barcelona pink Arc Del Triomf
By Josep Vileseca I Casanovas - 1888
Catalunya Square monument
Entrance to Gaudi's Sagrada Familia
Casa Mila apartments by Gaudi
"La Pedrera"

Antonio Gaudi
Via gaudiclub
I have been a lover of the architect Antonio Gaudi's work for most of my life. A holiday in Spain is incomplete without a tour of his wonderful architecture. Do see some of his great works and read a little about him here ...


  1. Oh wow, I can see why you went all that way to see it! Now, of course, I'm sure when you go back in 2026 you'll discover that the deadline has slipped, and/or, they've started some new work ;o)

  2. Great photo's...all except the trip and goats heads :)

  3. What fabulous place, Annabelle! I hope you had a fab time! Love all of the photos. The market photos have made me hungry as I'm on my lunch hour. Also, love the last photo of the apartments by Gaudi ... love that architecture style. Thanks for sharing. All the best! XX :-)

  4. Wonderful, I am incredibly jealous x


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