Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pay It Forward - Part Two

Part Two

Having only four comments to my previous post has made things rather easier to choose - so the following four people will receive a home-made gift from me within a year of the posting date.They are:-

City Crafters

Lucky them (hahaha) - I am shaking in my 'Uggs' at the thought of making  ANYTHING  for super crafter Hadley at Flying Blind. However, will do my very best!

Regarding 'City Crafter' - seem unable to link with her - anyone know how? Seems only f'riend's connect', which I do not use.


  1. I shall be stalking the postie all year (OK I will give him the next couple of months off!). Thank you xxx

  2. thank you Ann looking out for the postman ................not yet any lets get c.......s over !!!

  3. Hi Annabelle
    Sorry I been busy this week , how wonderful to win a pressy from you I will treasure it
    My e-mail is and its
    Thank you once again.


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